About Us

We can supply all kinds of Dry type fish feed pellet machine,Wet type fish feed pellet machine,fish feed pellet plant/Lines,feed hammer mill(electric hammer mill,diesel hammer mill,B series hammer mill),feed mixing machine(single shaft feed mixer,double shaft feed mixer),pellets dryer,pellets cooling machine,pellets coating/spraying machine,pellets packing machine,feed material conveying equipment,fish feed pellet machine...

we have been concentrating on establishing a comprehensive sales network and fish feed mill agency around the world, and we have years’of experience of fish feed machine developing and designing. To give fish farmers a real support, as an expert in fish feed machines, we always taking manufacturing and supplying high-quality fish feed production equipment with rational prices as the major goal, and the Machines from our company are working well for making qualified pellet fish feed to ensure the profits of fish farmers.

 so we believe that we can make great success together with our customers.