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fish feed pellet machine manufacturers

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    Advantages of Fish Feed Production Line
    1. Advanced technology, high capacity and low energy consumption.
    2. The feed pellet line occupies less floor space and needs low investment in construction work. The modular structure is convenient for assembly and disassembly, facilitating the shipment and installation.
    3. PLC controlled, alarm device is available. The operation is simple and convenient.
    4. Wide applicable scope: The plant can produce both floating and slow-sinking fish feed, applicable for fish farm holders and fish feed manufacturers.

    0 Introduction
    This Fish Feed Production Line is newly developed to meet the demand of intensive production of animal fish feed pellets. With many specifications this production line can produce floating fish feed, sinking fish feed, pet feed, livestock feed, etc. The products can have different shapes, unique flavor, rich nutrients and fine texture to meet the different eating habit of animals. Super automation control and high production efficiency, our Fish Feed Production Line is the best choice for medium and big sized feed mills and breeding farms. Our fish feed production line can produce various kinds of pellets for different varieties of fishes including Halibut pellets, Catfish pellets, CatCarp pellet, Trout pellets, Hemp pellets, CSL pellets,etc.

    Detailed Description of fish feed plant
    ●Raw materialThe feed pellets include animal protein and plant protein. Plant protein comes from corn, rice, wheat, soybean, peanut cake powder, etc; Animal protein is from fish meal, shrimp meal, crab meal, sleeve-fish meal and so on you can add other ingredient according to requirements and eating habits of animals.
    ●Mainly Involved processesMaterial grinding, material mixing, pellets extruding, pellets drying, and pellet packing. The whole process can be highly automatically controlled. 
    ●Production capacity 0.06 to 5 ton per hour is available.
    Related Machines of Fish Feed Processing
    Feed grinder →Feed mixer → Fish feed extruder → Pellets Dryer → Automatic weighing and packing machine

    1. Material grinding

    ---- feed hammer mill 
    Raw material ingredients should be grinded to the required size by feed grinder. We supply three types of feed grinders to meet your different requirements:  ZW-A series Feed Hammer Mill is suitable for small or medium sized feed extruding factories;  ZW-C Series Feed Hammer Mill is used for grinding raw materials by large and medium livestock and aqua feed mills;  ZW-B series hammer mill, also called Wide chamber Fine feed Hammer Mill, is mainly applied to fine grinding of meals for special aqua feed.
    2. Material mixing---feed mixer
    Mixing the material thoroughly can ensure extruding efficiency and improve the feed quality. We supply two kinds of feed mixers for you to choose: double-shaft efficient mixer can be applied to mixing powdery, granular, flaky and blocky materials while feed ribbon type mixer is mostly used for mixing powdery materials. These two kinds of mixers can be customized with atomizing spraying system which will add liquid like molasses and grease to material more evenly.
    3. Extruding process--- floating feed pellet extruder
    Our Fish feed Pellet Machine can be divided into two types: dry type fish feed machine and wet type feed machine. The wet type is with the conditioner and need to equip the steam boiler. The Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder is cheaper while the capacity of the Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder is higher, so usually the Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder is suitable for large feed pellet factory and the Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder is better and economic for the small and medium size user or factory.
    4. Pellets drying---feed pellet dryer 
    Our mesh belt dryer is a continuous convective belt dryer. Pellets formed through the extruder are stacked in layers on a wire mesh or perforated plate belt conveyor and conveyed continuously through drying chambers. During this process, the drying air is passed repeatedly through the products layer until pellets have the optimum moisture content before leaving the dryer. While if you choose wet type fish feed machine, we recommend the gas type pellet dryer.
    5. Pellet packing---electronic packing machine
    To make the finished pellets easy to store, transport and catch the clients’ eyes, they should be packed properly. With our electronic weighing and packing machine, the finished pellets can be packed into bags, weighed, conveyed, and sealed automatically, which saves labor and time greatly and meet the requirements of large scale production. For this packing machine, automatic heat typing code, automatic bag sewing and automatic thread cutting can be optional functions.

    we are fish feed pellet machine manufacturers,fish feed mill supplier,pond fish food machine,koi food machine,tropical fish food machine,trout feed machine.
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