Waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill

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Posted : 2016-09-02 10:51:39
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Detail:Waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill,High quality & Good Price!
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Waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill

    Waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill,the ideal grinding equipment in fish feed production, gets its name due to the waterdrop structure of grinding chamber. This hammer mill is widely applied in grinding various grains such as corn, broomcorn, wheat, barley, bean and ground cakes and etc.. The final particle sizes smashed by waterdrop hammer mill are characterized by uniform fineness, which greatly benefits pelleting or extrusion process. Featured with efficient grinding, stable performance and popular price, Azeus waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill is favored by large and medium sized feed plant, food processing enterprise and so on.

    Features of Feed Hammer Mill
    1. Universal type product, stable performance, easy for installation, operation and maintenance.
    2. Coupling direct drive is adopted, generating high transmission efficiency and accurate drive ratio.
    3. Built-in grinding rotors and efficient grinding without dead corner.
    4. Portable operation door with convenience, strength-saving and high security. 
    5. A variety of sieve sizes are available to choose and the wrap angle of the sieve is large up to 300°
    6. Scientific and reasonable hammer arrangement and reasonable gap between hammer blades and the screen, ensure uniform fineness of finished products, little vibration and high productivity.
    7. There are two groups of pin holes on the rotor disc, uniformly distributed on two concentric circles of different diameters, by which coarse and fine grinding can be achieved.

    Main Parts of feed grinding machine
    a.Grinding chamber design
    The grinding chamber with the waterdrop structure has expanded the grinding space, thus the capacity and grinding efficiency will be improved. It can also well avoid the material cross-infection during pulverizing process.
    b. Optimized blades arrangement
    The blade arrangement optimization refers to increasing the working efficiency by adjusting the number of the blades and the distribution of the blades. With the optimized blades arrangement, the working efficiency has increased and the energy consumption has reduced at the same time.
    c. Variety of sieve screen
    The final size is mainly controlled by the use of screens. Any material that enters the grinding chamber must be reduced to a size below the diameter of the screen holes to pass through the screen. You can control size reduction through inserting a screen with different sized holes.

    Working Principle of Waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill
    The major working part of hammer mill is rotor with hammer. The motor will generate rotor to complete the high-speed rotation within the wide crushing chamber. Materials are coming into hammer mill through the upper inlet, then they are striked and impacted by high-speed rotating hammer and gradually become small size particles. The smaller sized particles is discharged through the screen in feed grinding machine by centrifugal force and air flowing, as the bigger particles can be still left within the sieve, and they are still be blown and crushed by hammer. Eventually, they may be discharged by way of sieve from pellet machine

    After-sale Service
    1. Since the date of purchasing, we guarantee the product quality for one year, except for the easy wear parts.
    2. Our engineers could provide technical services. 
    3. We provide you with rich detailed product information, helping you to understand the product clearly.

    Technical Data of Feed Hammer Mill

    ModelRotor diameterChamber widthCapacityPowerSpindle speed


    Waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill,Feed Hammer Mill,with waterdrop design can grinder various grains into powder preparing for feed pellets.High efficiency,large capacity,easy operation and popular price
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